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Sustainability at Bayer Vapi

At Bayer, sustainability forms an integral part of our business -strategy. We believe that we can achieve lasting commercial success only if we balance economic growth with ecological and social responsibility.

Responsible business practices are the foundation of the Bayer Group's sustainable alignment. We can identify and mitigate risks at an early stage by implementing this alignment in the areas of compliance (e.g. anti-corruption and responsible marketing), product stewardship, health, environmental protection and safety. This is one of the key requirements for society's acceptance of our business. On this basis, we aim to contribute to overcoming global challenges with our innovations, and in doing so, develop additional business opportunities.

Bayer Vapi places a very strong emphasis on safety in its manufacturing processes, laboratories, utilities, and day-to-day operations. The site has a full-fledged effluent treatment plant, solid/liquid waste incinerators and various gas scrubbers, keeping all emissions and wastes under control.

The Bayer Vapi site has a QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Protection) team that ensures that our business is conducted with respect and care for the environment, without compromising on the health and safety of our employees, neighbors and our customers.

Our focus areas:

  • Integrate QHSE into business strategies and processes. Manage QHSE effectively by developing, implementing and maintaining a best practice, process oriented, integrated management system
  • Reduce waste generation at source, Recycle, Reuse and explore possibilities to eliminate releases to air, water and land. Take initiatives to improve energy conversation
  • Ensure safety of all our employees and contractors wherever their workplace - including our plants, warehouses, in the field and on the road
  • Assess and manage the QHSE risks of the business throughout our Product Life Measure QHSE performance and develop annual and long term QHSE objectives to achieve continuous sustainable improvement
  • Continually improve quality, health, safety and environmental management systems and verify compliance with internal and external requirements through audits and strive for compliance with international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001
  • Meet Legal, Regulatory and Bayer internal requirements.


>> Corporate Social Responsibility policy (PDF, 306 KB)

Environmental Compliance
>> EC compliance Oct 2015 to March 2016 (PDF, 1.15 MB)
>> EC compliance April 2015 to September 2015 (PDF, 468 KB)
>> EC compliance April 2016 to September 2016 (PDF, 5.83 MB) 
>> EC Compliance for the Period Oct.16 to Mar.17 (PDF, 3.89MB)
>> EC Compliance for the Period April-17 to Sept-17 (PDF, 6.86MB)
>> EC Compliance for the Period October-17 to March-18 (PDF, 2.16MB)
>> EC Compliance for the Period April-18 to Sept-18 (PDF,951MB)

>> Environmental Clearance
>> Environmental Statement Form-V
>> Environmental Statement For FY 2017-18

Annual Report Form IV under Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules 2016
>>Annual Report Form IV - for calendar year 2015 (PDF, 987 KB)
>>Annual Report Form IV - for calendar year 2016 (PDF, 650 KB)
>>Annual Report Form IV - for calendar year 2017 (PDF, 3.41 MB)

Compliance of BMW Rules,2016
>>Bio-Medical Waste Generation Report (PDF, 46 KB)

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