Bayer Vapi - Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Bayer Vapi has products across two categories: Active Ingredients and Intermediates. We manufacture various pyrethroids as insecticides for agriculture and environmental science. We also manufacture Imidacloprid, a non-pyrethroid insecticide and Ethofumesate, a herbicide.

In agriculture, insects not only attack crops in fields, they also infest food stores, causing damage after crops have already been harvested. Many insects also transmit plant diseases, usually viral or fungal. Controlling pests is one way farmers can increase the amount of their produce which makes it to the market. Similarly, weeds can cost farmers a fortune, making harvesting difficult and reducing yields. Without the right herbicide protection, farmers would end up with short, weak plants; a poor basis for a harvest. Just one outbreak of disease can destroy an entire harvest – with distressing results for farmers and their families. With so much at stake, our mission is to help farm fields thrive and stay healthy.

Everyone appreciates well maintained and hygienic life spaces, be it in their homes, offices or public areas. Naturally, mice, rats and cockroaches are not welcome! Not only are they repulsive to most of us, they clearly signal unhealthy living conditions. We help people fight back here too. For instance, pest control companies are major customers of ours, relying on us to keep a whole range of environments – from restaurants to private homes – hygienic and pest-free. We offer them safe, effective chemicals so they can do their job thoroughly and well.


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