Bayer Vapi - Social Commitment

Social Commitment

As a commercial enterprise, Bayer is part of society, and the company’s business activity is therefore closely linked to the social environment. The influence of stakeholders on our business activity has steadily increased in recent years. Their expectations regarding sustainable development affect public acceptance of the company and thus our commercial success. We take the wide-ranging requirements of our stakeholders seriously and consider them wherever possible in our business activities.

With our core business, we have a major impact on societal development. At the same time, we depend on intact social framework conditions and an innovation-friendly business environment. It is therefore important for us to contribute to society’s future viability and create value in diverse ways. Within the scope of our social commitment, we make targeted strategic investments in the areas of science and education, health, social needs and community projects. This commitment is an integral element of Bayer’s corporate policy.

The communities near our sites play a key role in our success. For this reason, we endeavor to be recognized at all of our sites as a reliable partner and attractive employer that meets its social responsibility.

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